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We Generate Social Leads

Lead Your Community – The world wide web can be overwhelming, so consumers turn to friends and co-workers for information they can trust. You need social media to ensure people are aware of your brand and excited about it. But with nearly 3 billion internet users and hundreds of channels, you need expert help.

Get More Valuable Leads – Most agencies give you likes. Meh. What you’ll receive from us instead is lower-cost, high-quality leads, whatever the site or medium. We’re relentless in our scientific approach to testing and optimization to continuously improve your ROI.

Rigorous Lab Testing – One reason we consistently yield explosive results for our clients is we’re data driven and test relentlessly. We’ll test your social campaigns in real time, from content to platforms . We relentlessly tweak our formula to continuously optimize your ROI.

“There is no better feeling then to know you have a partner that will be able to drive results for business online. Radium has consistently shown that they have the ability and tools to make a difference for all our clients.” - Mark Unger – Push.

Content-Fortified Socializing – Social media is all about content: people sharing words, images and video. That’s why we amplify our social marketing with a dedicated, in-house content team. We’ll create for you fresh, lively content that delights prospects, transmitted by our network of space satellites and transoceanic cables.

Friends With SEO Benefits – Social media is an increasingly essential component of SEO as users increasingly use social media as a search and discovery tool. As an integrated inbound marketing agency, we also offer SEO services to give you additional benefits. While we build promotion and links from trusted influencers, your search rankings and traffic also improve.


Glimpse Inside the Lab – Here are select elements of our social media marketing process:

Our Top-Secret Formula, Revealed

We Understand Your Prospects – We differ from most agencies because we focus on deeply researching and understanding your customers. We’ll uncover where they’re congregating on the web and how they behave socially. As thought leaders, we’ll create detailed personas and craft campaigns that persuade them effectively.

Masterful Media Mix - A company Facebook page, branded Twitter handle, a company blog? We custom engineer your social mix to best suit your company, industry and customers. For most B2B companies, the focus should be LinkedIn: happily we’re LinkedIn specialists.

Community Management – Managing your online community can be a full-time commitment taxing many people. Our community managers make this process easier and more rewarding. Working in concert with your team, our community managers interact with your networks to build a dedicated following and robust profit.

Social Analysis - Most companies have little idea what’s really being said about them in conversations. We fix that. We monitor conversations about your brand. We identify key people and what they’re saying and ensure it’s in favorable light.

Influencer Outreach – We offer proven experience identifying, connecting with, and persuading the right influencers. We’ll insert your brand into the right conversations and get people excited about it. We’ll position your services and products ideally to boost interaction and generate leads.

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