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Search Engine Optimization Services 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via natural (organic) search results. There is no secret to achieving high rankings on search engines, just proven methodologies to improve performance.

We believe in educating our clients on proper SEO strategies and we work with you to create a framework that delivers measurable results over time.

Our natural SEO services include:

Website optimization (on-page):
A solid SEO strategy starts with a solid foundation. A properly optimized website will serve as the framework for your organic search strategy. Your website should deliver fresh, relevant information to your consumers in an organized manner and contain accessible content for search engines.

Our on-page search services provide a detailed website audit including strategic and tactical recommendations to ensure your website is search engine friendly and properly targeted to your intended audience.

Website promotion – Link building
Link building is the ongoing process of obtaining high quality, inbound links from relevant, authoritative websites. Links are a key factor that search engines use to determine authority of a website.

Think of links as referrals. The more referrals your website gets the better. Of course, referrals from hundreds of low quality sources don’t count for much. Quality and topic relevance is much more important than volume.

How we build links:
We only utilize “white hat” link building strategies and we never employ any techniques that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines; including buying links or acting as a link broker on behalf of the client.

Each project is different, but, generally we employ the following strategies:

  • Reaching out to bloggers / webmasters
  • Contacting related party websites
  • Content development and marketing
  • Link bait / infographic development
  • Guest blogging and article marketing

Local search engine optimization:
Local search engine optimization focuses on promoting your company in the local business results of search engines and is different than organic search engine optimization (mentioned above).

Visit our local SEO page to learn how local search works.

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