PPC Reap Hypersonic ROI

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We Deliver Quality Leads

Accelerate Your ROI - PPC is an exciting world of opportunity where you can boost ROI almost instantly. But with more than 5 billion searches per day, paid search is increasingly challenging. You need PPC experts to get the highest return.

Get Quality Leads – Most agencies give you clicks. Meh. What you’ll receive from us instead is lower-cost, high-quality leads. And we are relentless in our scientific approach to testing and optimization to continuously improve your ROI. Our accelerated process will pull Gs, as you pull more profit.

Systematically Save Spend – Plenty of agencies will happily spend your money. But it can be just as profitable to eliminating the wrong ads as promoting the right ones. Our proprietary process for bid management can yield sizable profit gains.

“Radium did an excellent job while I was at Maui Jim and more recently Goal Zero. On both occasions, we were just getting started with PPC. Radium made it easy to get up and running by doing all the research and making informed recommendations…It wasn’t long before we were atop the search rankings, ahead of the competition, and maximizing our ROI.” - Chris Abbruzzese – Goal Zero

Complimentary Audit – Would you like to increase your ROI on your PPC spend? Contact us for a complimentary paid search audit. We’ll review your existing campaigns, and wherever possible, make suggestions for improvement.

Power of Testing – One reason we consistently yield explosive results for our clients is relentless testing. We’ll test your campaigns in real time, from ad copy to landing pages. We continuously tweak our formula to give you continuously improving ROI. We offer complimentary protective eyewear for viewing our brilliant results.

Glimpse Inside the Lab – Here are select elements of our PPC process:

Our Secret Formula, Revealed

We Understand You – We differ from most agencies because we start by deeply researching and understanding your business and industry. That’s because it’s not sufficient to just know keywords; it’s essential to understand searcher intent. Our in-depth keyword discovery consistently yields more profitable campaigns.

Most Excellent Writers - PPC advertising is only as effective as the words employed. That’s why we have an in-house team of dedicated, experienced writers. We’ll create crafty copy that will attract and convert more quality leads.

Landing Page Leaders – We specialize in the design and testing of landing pages. An effectively designed page is essential to guiding searchers to your desired outcome. After the click, the ideal landing page gives you the best chance for success.

The Radium team consistently provides quantitative and qualitative insight that has helped many of my clients PPC be more productive and efficient. They remain a trusted and valued partner. – Jim Porter – SapientNitro

Right Time and Place - The key to PPC success is the right time, right place, right device. We use advanced strategies such as geo-targeting and day-parting to deliver your message effectively at the moment of decision.

Robust ROI Reporting - We continuous track and measure your PPC campaigns, employing banks of atomic-powered super computers. You’ll consistently receive clear, detailed, executive level reports. We then continuously review findings to improve and optimize performance.

Get Secret Intelligence – Radium offers you additional value by providing you with valuable business intelligence. Keyword research and campaign results can reveal powerful insights into new opportunities, markets, channels and more.

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