LinkedIn Big Business Generator

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We Deliver B2B Leads

Unprecedented B2B Opportunity - LinkedIn is the world’s biggest B2B website and # 12 overall. Are you consistently generating a powerful stream of lucrative leads and sales from LinkedIn? If not, you need expert help.

We’re LinkedIn Experts – Radium offers the experience and expertise you need to profit from this thriving opportunity for B2B marketing. We can take the burden off you and facilitate the acquisition of more high quality leads.

“There is no better feeling then to know you have a partner that will be able to drive results for business online. Radium has consistently shown that they have the ability and tools to make a difference for all our clients.” - Mark Unger – Push.

Powerful Lead Generation - Other service providers focus on building followers. Meh. What we deliver instead is lower-cost, high-quality leads. Our laser focus is on searching LinkedIn’s more than 300 million B2B members and delivering the ideal prospects to you.

We’re LinkedIn Pioneers – We’re early adopters, pioneers if you will, in leveraging the world’s biggest B2B website for leads. Deep within our heavily-fortified labs, we’ve been among the first to test these powerful processes. From campaign strategy to testing and optimization, our experience and expertise is unparalleled.

Glimpse Inside the Lab – Here are select elements of our LinkedIn services:

Our Top-Secret Formula, Revealed

We Understand Your Prospects – We offer more value because we start by deeply researching and understanding your customers and leads. We’ll find them on LinkedIn and discover how they interact. We’ll then create the campaigns and content that will reach them most effectively.

Micro-Targeted Prospects – The true power of our LinkedIn campaigns is delivering uniquely qualified leads to you. We precision focus on your ideal prospects by industry, company size, position and more. This disciplined approach also saves you money by micro-casting rather than broadcasting.

Multiple Marketing Methods - Our integrated strategy leverages many components on LinkedIn. These range from featured blogs to sponsored updates and more. Whatever the channel or medium, our focus is your end goal: generate more quality leads.

Thorough Thought Leadership – LinkedIn is perhaps the most powerful medium today to establish yourself as the leading expert in your industry. Because our process highlights valuable content and useful information, you build expertise and authority. This also keeps your brand front and center with top prospects.

Wonderfully Warm Leads - People want to do business with those they know, like and trust. Our LinkedIn process will give you leads that are wonderfully warm. These warm leads will yield more conversions and sales.

Maximize Revenue
Unleash the power of our integrated inbound marketing